If you’ve ever wanted to hold a catfish, you must first understand the basics of how to properly handle one.

It’s not as hard as it seems, and with the right techniques, you can make sure that both you and the fish are safe.

Here are some tips for holding a catfish correctly.

Understanding How Catfish Move

When it comes to handling catfish, the most important thing is understanding how they move.

Catfish have an eel-like body shape that allows them to move quickly in small spaces, so it’s important to be aware of their movements when you’re holding them.

You should always keep your grip firm but gentle around their body and support their head and tail when possible.

Using Proper Technique

It’s also important to use proper techniques when handling a catfish. First, wash your hands before touching the fish to ensure that there are no bacteria or dirt on them.

Then, place your thumb under its gills and wrap your other fingers around its body for support. Make sure to keep the catfish close enough to your chest so that it can feel secure and comfortable while being held.

Be Gentle with Your Fish

Once you have mastered the proper technique for holding a catfish, remember to always be gentle with them.

Do not squeeze too tightly or pull on any of its scales or whiskers, as this can cause injury or discomfort for the fish.

Additionally, try not to handle them too much as this can cause stress and lead to behavior changes such as decreased appetite or aggression.


Handling a catfish may seem intimidating at first but with the right technique and care, it doesn’t have to be!

Following these steps will ensure both you and your fish stay safe while giving you an opportunity to bond with your new companion!

With patience and practice, soon enough you’ll be able to confidently hold any type of catfish!