If you’re looking to catch an alligator gar, then you need the right equipment. You’ll need a fishing rig designed specifically for these large fish, and with so many different rigs available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best.

Here we’ll discuss some of the most popular alligator gar fishing rigs used by anglers around the world.

Best Alligator Gar Fishing Rigs

The most commonly used alligator gar rigs are jug lines, trot lines, and limb lines. Jug lines are fishing rigs that consist of several floating jugs tied together like a daisy chain. Each jug has bait attached to it and can be left in the water for hours or even days at a time.

Trotlines are similar to jug lines except they are stretched between two points along a body of water and use multiple hooks tied to the line instead of individual jugs. Limb lines are single-hook rigs suspended from branches or limbs overhanging the water’s surface.

Each type of rig has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to catching alligator gars. Jug lines can cover a lot of ground but require frequent checking since any snags may cause them to be pulled underwater; trotlines allow for more targeted baiting but may take longer to set up; and limb lines offer maximum stealth but can be difficult to cast accurately when using heavier lures or baitfish.

When using any type of alligator gar rig, make sure you know local laws regarding the permitted number of hooks per line as well as how long they can remain in the water before needing to be removed—these regulations vary from state to state.


Alligator gar fishing is an exciting sport with plenty of rewards if done correctly—which starts with finding the right gear!

Whether you prefer jug lines, trot lines, or limb lines, there’s no wrong way to target these powerful fish as long as you stay within local regulations.

With some patience and practice, anglers can transform their knowledge into success out on the water! Give any one of these alligator gar fishing rigs a try next time you’re out for some big catches!