Fishing is an enjoyable pastime for many and can provide a tasty reward when done correctly. One type of fish that anglers may find in their area is the buffalo fish. This freshwater species can offer up a delicious meal, but you must know how to catch them first.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for catching buffalo fish.

How to Catch Buffalo Fish


Before you start fishing, it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment. The rod and reel should be chosen based on the size of your target fish, with heavier rods and lines being used for larger fish like the buffalo.

You should also use hooks that are large enough to secure the buffalo once they take your bait, as well as floats or sinkers that will keep your line in place at its desired depth.


Buffalo feed on smaller species such as crayfish, so using live bait is usually necessary for successful catches.

If you don’t have access to live bait, artificial lures can be used as well; however, live bait will generally yield better results when targeting buffalos. Once you have your baited hook in the water, let it sit at the desired depth until a fish takes it.

The Strike

When you feel a strike on your line, it’s time to reel in the fish! Make sure to keep tension on the line while reeling; if there isn’t enough tension and the fish gets away, then all of your hard work was for nothing!

As soon as your catch is close enough to see, carefully pull it out of the water with one hand while supporting its head and gills with another hand.


By following these steps—preparation, baiting, and striking—you should be able to successfully catch some delicious buffalo fish! It may take some time before you get into a rhythm and become an expert fisherman/woman, but practice makes perfect!

Just remember that patience is key when fishing; if you give up too easily or aren’t patient enough with each step of the process, then you won’t have much luck catching any buffalo or other types of fish either! Good luck out there!