If you’re looking for the perfect fishing trip, then catching walleye may be just the thing for you.

These fish are highly sought after by anglers due to their versatility in different habitats and their tendency to bite aggressively.

With a few tips and tricks, you can have a successful day of fishing filled with plenty of walleye catches.

Where to Look

The first step in finding walleye is to look for them! Walleye prefer deeper waters, so they can usually be found in lakes and rivers that are at least 10 feet deep.

The best time of day to go out looking for them is at night when they come closer to the surface on a regular basis. In addition, they tend to hang around structures such as rocks and logs, so those areas are also good places to start your search.

Bait Selection

Once you’ve identified where the walleye are likely to be located, it’s important to select the right bait.

Live bait such as minnows or worms works well because they move around naturally in the water which attracts the fish. Artificial lures can also work if they’re designed with realistic colors and movements.

Another option is jigs, which resemble small creatures that live near the bottom of bodies of water and attract walleye when moved slowly through the water column.

Presentation Techniques

Once you have your bait selected, it’s time to think about presentation techniques. Walleye like fast-moving baits so make sure you’re using a fast retrieve speed when casting your line out into the water.

It’s also important not to keep your bait still too long; instead keep it moving slowly through the water column as this will help attract more attention from potential catches.

Additionally, if you plan on using jigs make sure that you drop them near structures such as rocks or logs as this will increase your chances of hooking a walleye.


Catching walleye isn’t an impossible task; however, there are certain steps anglers should take in order to ensure success on their next fishing trip.

By following these tips—such as looking in deeper waters at night or selecting specific baits—you can maximize your chances of catching some delicious walleyes! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start fishing!