There’s nothing quite like the unique taste of freshly-caught fish cooked over an open fire.

Whether you’re camping, fishing, or just exploring the outdoors, learning how to properly cook fish in the wild is a rewarding experience that will provide you with delicious meals and great memories.

Let’s break down a few key tips to get you started.

Catch the Best Fish

First, you’ll need to catch your own fish. When it comes to selecting which types of fish are best for cooking in the wild, you’ll want to look for species that are high in fat content such as salmon and trout.

These types of fish are ideal because they hold up better over an open flame than leaner varieties like bass or catfish. Plus, their high fat content makes them more flavorful when cooked correctly.

Prepare the Fish

Once you have your fresh catch, it’s important to properly clean and prepare it for cooking. First, make sure that all scales and any remaining fins are removed from the body of the fish.

Then cut off its head if desired and gut it by removing its internal organs and entrails with a sharp knife.

If you’d like to keep some of the organs intact while removing others (such as leaving behind the roe), make sure to take extra care so that no guts remain inside of the cavity after cleaning is complete.

Cook the Fish

Now that your fish is ready for cooking, there are several methods available depending on your preference.

One popular method is wrapping your fish in foil with seasonings such as butter, salt & pepper before placing it directly on hot coals or stones around an open fire pit.

Another option is placing a grate directly above a campfire and grilling your fish until it’s cooked through (typically about 10 minutes per side).

For those looking for something truly unique, try spearing your cleaned fish onto sticks and slowly roasting them near an open fire until they’re nice and crispy!


Cooking fresh-caught fish over an open flame can be a rewarding experience that provides plenty of delicious meals and fond memories along with it!

With these helpful tips in mind – from catching your own fish to preparing it properly – you should have everything you need to get started on mastering this skill in no time!

Whether you prefer grilling or roasting, making dinner out in nature has never been easier! Happy cooking!