Fishing with jerk baits is a great way to target bigger fish in the water. Jerkbaits are designed to imitate the movements of prey fish, which makes them irresistible to predatory species like bass, walleye, and northern pike.

If you’re new to fishing with jerk baits, this guide will help you get started so you can catch more fish next time you’re out on the water.

Where to Fish with Jerkbaits

The type of water you choose when fishing with jerk baits is just as important as the bait itself. Jerkbaits are designed for open-water situations like large reservoirs and deep lakes where there is plenty of open space for the bait to move.

In these cases, it’s best to cast your bait towards structures like rocks or logs that provide cover for predators.

How to Fish a Jerkbait

Once your lure has hit the water, give it a few seconds before beginning your retrieve. Start by jerking it up and down with sharp pulls of the line followed by pauses of up to 10 seconds each.

This will allow the bait to sink back down before continuing its erratic swimming motion that mimics a fleeing prey fish.

As you reel in your line, pay attention to any bumps or taps on your line—these could be signs that a predator has taken hold of your bait and is ready for you to set the hook!

When to Fish with Jerkbaits

The best time to use jerk bait lures is during periods when larger predatory fish are actively feeding—typically in spring and fall when waters are still relatively cool.

During these times, predators are more likely to strike at moving baits such as jerk baits because they recognize them as easy meals they cannot pass up.

Additionally, using brighter colors during cloudy days can help attract more strikes from predators since visibility is reduced underwater during those times.


Fishing with jerk bait lures can be an effective way to target bigger predatory species in open waters during spring and fall months when they’re actively feeding.

By understanding where and how to use jerk bait lures properly, anglers can increase their chances of catching larger prey while also having an enjoyable day out on the lake or river! With practice and patience, anyone can master fishing with jerk bait lures!