If you’re looking to increase your success rate when it comes to fishing, live minnows are a great bait to use.

Live minnows can be found at many bait shops and they provide a unique way to attract the fish you want to catch.

Here we will explain how to properly hook live minnows so that you can maximize your chances of catching that big one.

Hooking a Live Minnow

When you buy your live minnows, most bait shops will keep them in aerated containers or tanks with oxygenated water.

You should always check the health of the minnows before using them and make sure they are swimming actively before selecting any for use on your fishing trip.

Once you’ve selected a healthy live minnow, you’ll need to insert the hook through its lips in order for it to stay on the line without slipping off.

This is done by pushing the point of the hook into its top lip until it goes through and then pushing it back through its bottom lip in the opposite direction. Make sure not to push too hard as this could kill your bait and make it ineffective for fishing purposes.

You’ll also want to be careful not to put too much pressure on the body of the minnow while inserting the hook because this may injure or damage your bait which could also render it useless for fishing purposes.

Additionally, make sure not to use a hook that is too large for your bait as this could cause it significant pain and trauma, reducing its effectiveness as a lure and weakening its chances of survival after being released back into the water once you’re done using it for fishing.


Knowing how to properly hook live minnows is an essential skill if you are wanting successful catches when out fishing.

It is important to take care when handling them so that they remain healthy and strong throughout their time on your line so that they can be released safely once finished with them as part of responsible angling practices.

By following these tips, anglers should have no problem mastering this technique and increasing their chance of catching that big one!